What Are Cash Cards for Kids and How They Could Be Useful?


It is often difficult for parents to trust their children with regular debit or credit cards. This can be due to the fear of them losing the cards or using them all the time and spending too much money. However, there is another serious consequence that needs to be taken into consideration, namely the fact that children may cause the cardholder’s credit rating to drop. While some parents have found ways to limit how much their children can spend off of their credit cards, this is not an ideal solution.

This having been said, Starling has just released a new type of card that is designed specifically for children. Starling Kite, as it has been named, has been developed as a way to give children and teenagers financial freedom and to teach them how to responsibly handle their finances without allowing them to overspend. The debit card is easy to apply and set up and has an affordable monthly fee. 

Following the release of the Starling Kite, more and more lenders have started offering similar products. However, children’s cards are still a very new concept and most parents are unsure whether or not they should get one for their children.

Why Are Children’s Cards Better than Other Solutions?

When you give children access to your credit or debit cards, it is difficult to keep an eye on how they are spending the money. It is possible, but usually not in real-time. Furthermore, when children have access to large amounts of money they tend to spend as much as they want without worrying that it will run out. Children’s cards solve this issue and offer parents complete access to the account that they are attached to.

All products in this category come with apps that parents can use to track their children’s expenses; set spending limits for them and easily deposits more money if needed. This is done through smartphone apps that work for Android and Apple devices. However, one of the biggest advantages of children’s cards is the fact that parents can see where their children are spending money. Whether they are paying for digital products such as games, micro transactions, and subscriptions or are buying physical products from a store, parents will be notified of the expenses in real-time.

Building up Your Children’s Credit Rating

When a parent gets cards for his children, he also allows them to start building up their financial history. This will benefit them in the long run and make it easier to apply for student loans or to access various banking services once grow up. It is also important to mention the fact that these are debit cards, which means that it would be very difficult for children to damage their credit ratings while using them.

An Easy Way for Kids to Save Money for the Holidays

Children’s cards are powerful teaching tools. They give children the ability to keep an eye on how much money they save up and teach them to spend it responsibly. This is especially useful during the winter holidays when stores fill their shelves with toys. Having a debit card, your children will be able to make calculated purchases and also make it easier for you to budget your expenses. By depositing money in their accounts, over the year, it will be easier for parents to manage their expenses during the winter holidays.

Generally speaking, children’s cards are great products for parents and children alike. The ones that are currently available are extremely affordable; however, lenders are bound to come up with new features in the near future.


I’ve always disliked how little financial education most individuals have access to. The lack of information concerning how people should manage their income and expenses makes it difficult to have any sort of material stability as they go through life. However, properly balancing one’s income and expenses is not as hard as it may sometimes seem. In most cases, it is simply a matter of knowing how to think, not necessarily having the right information. I want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. I’ve taken it upon myself not only prove that anyone can have a healthy financial life, regardless of income, but also that it is possible to passively save money.

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